Activity/Athletic Handbook

Montrose County
School District RE-1J
Activity/Athletic Procedure Handbook
(April 2015 Revision)
Centennial Middle School
Columbine Middle School
Montrose High School
Olathe Middle/Olathe High School

The Board of Education of Montrose County School District RE-1Jrecognizes the great benefit to the District and its students, as well as to the community, of a comprehensive and vigorous athletic program firmly focused upon the welfare of its athletes. The short-term and long-term health and life experience advantages to athletic participants are well known.
To that end, the Board wishes to make it clearly and widely known that full compliance with the adopted Athletic Training Code and the Athletic Procedures handbook is expected of all athletes, their parents and guardians, and their coaches. These rules and procedures have been established to insure that the interscholastic athletics in the Montrose County School District RE-1J will be conducted primarily for the benefit of the students, that participation will be a worthwhile and healthy learning experience, and that individuals and teams will be well and fairly coached. The Board considers the importance of individual and team win-loss records to be secondary to these objectives.

Furthermore, the Board takes very seriously its responsibility to the District’s students and athletic coaches to insure that all athletic policies, procedures, and rules will be enforced fairly and uniformly.To that end, it holds the school district and building administrators,the coaches, the students, and the students’ parents and guardians individually and collectively accountable for observing and enforcing those policies, procedures, and rules. In return, it pledges, without reservation, to firmly support any and all reasonable efforts by school district personnel, students, and parents and guardians to enforce those policies, procedures, and rules.

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