Adaptive Skiing Program
The student population enrolled in MOASP includes individuals with disabilities ranging from physical and intellectual to social and emotional. General population activities are not always readily available to individuals with disabilities, as they often require additional time and specific instructional techniques to master the basics of activities that come very easily to their non-disabled peers. Many activities require specially modified equipment and instructors specifically trained in the safe and effective use of that equipment. The instructors and volunteers are extensively trained to coach and teach students with disabilities, keeping them safe and maximizing their involvement. MOASP has access to resources on the Western Slope through Colorado Discover Ability, TASP, and Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center to give our students access to a wide variety of activities without the need for our district to purchase special equipment or require staff to get specialized training. However, because of the high cost to partake in these programs, many of our students with disabilities are unable to participate because their families do not have the financial resources needed to afford participation.