Health Services Information

Montrose County School District Health Services
The health offices at Montrose County School District are staffed by Health Technicians under the off-site supervision of our Registered Nurses

District Registered Nurses (both located at the central office):

Kate Wogan, RN, BSN   (970) 249-2405 x5600

Don French, RN, BSN   (970) 249-2405 x5611

Montrose County School District Health Technicians:

Montrose High School- Peggy Greubel  (970) 249-6636  x4305

Centennial Middle School- Sherry Kitsmilller  (970) 249-2576  x7935

Olathe Middle/High School- Mardy Thompson (970) 252-7950  x4245

Columbine Middle School- Michelle Crim (970) 249-2581  x4124

Johnson Elementary School- Misty Whitcomb  (970) 249-2584  x3121

Oak Grove Elementary School- Janelle Wallace  (970) 249-6867 x3324

Cottonwood Elementary School- Melissa Rogers  (970) 249-2539  x3036

Pomona Elementary School- Mona Stonehocker  (970) 249-2514  x3522

Olathe Elementary School
- Ruth Dodge  (970) 252-7940  x3424

Northside Elementary School- Deena Marquardt  (970) 249-2554  x3244

Early Childhood Centers - Carissa Rethemeyer (970) 249-5858 x2102