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Health Services for Montrose and Olathe Schools include 2 full time School District Registered Nurses who supervise, manage, and oversee 10 full time Health Techs who are trained in basic CPR/First Aid.

Important things to know for the 2017-18 school year:

  • A complete immunization record is required at time of registration and any time the records are updated. Click here for more information on immunizations.
  • Health information is required for each student at the beginning of every school year at the time of registration. click here to access Caredox
  • Vision and hearing screenings are performed at specific grade levels each year. Parents will receive referral information if results from a screening warrant further evaluation.
  • The Northside Child Health Center located at 528 N. Uncompahgre Ave. provides health services, dental hygiene services, mental health services, and immunizations for enrolled students throughout the Montrose community. For further information about which medical insurances are accepted, please call (970) 240-6438.


Nurse Icon.png Announcements Montrose County School district is using CareDox!

The benefits of CareDox include:

  • Streamlined medical information sharing, no more paper mail, faxing, or phone calls.

  • Real-time notifications when your child visits the nurse's office.

  • Accurate and portable vital information for daily and emergency use.

  • Fill out your child's health profile ONCE, and update any changes each year, ensuring it is always up-to-date.

  • Peace of mind that the school is fully aware of all medical conditions your child has, and you have an efficient way to communicate with the health department.

  • To enroll your student(s) in Caredox click here:

​Health Services Guidelines and Procedures

Illness Guidelines

Children should stay home if they are ill. Please DO NOT send your child to school if he/she is ill with fever (>100.0 F), a persistent/uncontrollable cough, contagious disease, a rash that has not been identified by a healthcare provider, nausea/vomiting, or diarrhea. 
Illness Policy - Spanish Version

Medication Administration in School
Medications at school - Medicamentos en la escuela
Permission for Medication
Permission to Carry Medication(must be in grade 4 or above)

Head Lice in Schools

To view our current guidelines and procedures on head lice:
Early Childhood Centers 

K-12 Schools - English
K-12 Schools - Spanish 

Parent Instructions for treating head lice:

School Immunization Requirements
Early Childhood Centers - English
Early Childhood Centers - Spanish
K-12 English
K-12 Spanish